Our Operating Principles

  • The Chamber will demonstrate financial responsibility and accountability to all Members at all times
  • Advocate polices as aggressively and publicly as possible
  • The Chamber will maintain an enthusiastic partnership between our staff, board of directors, Members and the Town of Amherstburg
  • We will consult regularly with other local Chamber of Commerce, Boards of Trade and business members
  • The Chamber will balance specific business and industry interest and those of the broader economy of the Town in formulating policy
  • We will proactively increase membership and strengthen our resource base at all times
  • The Chamber will ensure effective and timely communication with members

Our Vision

To foster economic growth as the voice of the businesses in Amherstburg

  • To work together for a higher quality of life for our citizens and betterment of our community
  • To share responsibility of all the residents and businesses of Amherstburg for the economic well-being of the community