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 It’s time to make and investment decision. But perhaps your biggest fear is losing your hard earned money in the stock market; perhaps you’re not comfortable with risk or want better returns for the conservative portion of your portfolio. Where do you turn?

A DEPOSIT BROKER IS THE ANSWER. A Deposit Broker is an independent financial professional who specializes in GICs (Guaranteed Investment Certificates) and Term Deposits.  These investments can be placed in Open, RRSP, RESP, RRIF or LIRA accounts. It isn’t easy to find such a degree of specialization in a world that is inclined to focus on investments which carry higher risk and require sophisticated investor knowledge. This is where the investment professionals at Dollar$ & Cents Investments can help you. Frances DeDona, senior partner at Dollar$ & Cents Investments explains, “We have a team of educated, experienced, Registered Deposit Brokers (RDB) who are all members of the Federation of Canadian Independent Deposit Brokers Association (FCIDB), so you can take extra comfort knowing that they are committed to the highest standards of ethics and service.”

As Deposit Brokers, the team at  Dollar$ & Cents Investments & DFS Investments Inc. monitors interest rates nationally on a daily basis to help you get the best possible returns from a wide range of deposit instruments. Chip Thrasher, a partner and Certified Financial Planner (CFP), states, “We shop over 40 financial institutions daily to make sure we get our clients the best rates possible. Typically, we can find you rates that are higher than the bank-posted rates and there are no fees charged to clients for investing in a GIC. Higher rates can mean hundreds of dollars more in interest earned, without risk, whether you are saving for your retirement, a child’s education or a rainy day.”

Dollar$ & Cents Investments Inc. has been in the deposit brokering business since 1986 and in 2002, joined forces with DFS Investments Inc. to provide clients a wide range of financial products at the best rates possible. This is due to large dollar volumes placed through DFS Investments Inc. and their connections in the vast network of financial institutions.

The team at  Dollar$ & Cents Investments consists of Bev Bondy, RDB and Connie McGuire, RDB (the original owners of  Dollar$ & Cents Investments., with over 47 years of combined experience in the deposit brokering industry); Frances DeDona, RDB, Mutual fund Representative; Chip Thrasher, CFP, RDB, Mutual fund Representative, Life Insurance Representative, and Bonnie Hamelin, RDB, all of whom provide unbiased, impartial advice.   Dollar$ & Cents Investments/ DFS Investments Inc. offers access to many different types of GIC investments such as those of short term, redeemable and fixed terms. The financial institutions which Dollar$ & Cents Investments & DFS Investments Inc. represent are members of the Canadian Deposit Insurance Corporation (CDIC), Assuris or a Provincial Protection Insurance plan. The CDIC insures eligible deposits from $1 to $100,000 per depositor (principal and interest combined) in each member institution, providing separate protection for joint deposits, deposits held in trust and deposits held in RRPSs and RRIFs. Provincial Protection Insurance plans are guaranteed without limits. Make your life easier and your savings work harder. Get a GIC specialist working for you!

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