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Fitness Anywhere virtual personal training

Our online training is a way to train ANYWHERE, no matter what equipment you have with the professionalism and expertise of a personal trainer guiding you along the way. The online training is ideal, as it not only takes all of the knowledge and expertise of live personal training, as well as the accountability of having a scheduled meeting with someone, but does so at a mere fraction of the cost. Workouts are professionally customized to your individual goals. We use a 6000+ exercise database containing short video clips of exercises and drag and drop them into your individual plan, created just for you!

Fitness Anywhere nutrition

Our nutrition plans work according to your specific BODY TYPE and NUTRIENT TIMING, which is carefully matched to your individual schedule for training, your sleep patterns, your stress levels, and numerous other factors. Our clients follow a 6 phase plan and report back every month with measurements, photos and feedback and then receive an entirely new phase with food rotation.

Blake DiNunzio is the Head Personal Trainer at Fitness Anywhere Р Interested in weight training at a very young age has allowed Blake to try different styles of exercise early on. Now a Canfitpro certified personal trainer, Blake teaches clients proper movements and foundations for exercise. He is offering free consultations at the Fitness Anywhere Studio for anybody interested in changing their life. Call Blake direct at 519-792-7763.

Contact Andrew Judson for more details at 226-347-0241 or visit or email Andrew at

Fitness Anywhere is located at 287 Dalhousie Street in Amherstburg.