In the Spotlight // I Dare Your Hair

Born of a dream to one day own and operate her own unique salon, Tamara Moore set out on a mission to create just that. Upon finding a jewel of vacated space in the beautiful historical downtown Amherstburg, Ms. Moore set out to transform 60 Murray St. into a vintage-inspired salon that not only transforms the look of her clients, but takes those clients, if only briefly, on a journey to a place and time of years gone by. The vintage decor of re-purposed furnishings, from seating to hairdryers, is a tribute, not only to the historical site of, “I Dare Your Hair” but it also pays homage to a young woman with an old soul and a dream, and proves that with heart, dedication and a lot of hard work, dreams can come true. Call to make an appointment #226-788-2024.