COVID-19 Test Kits Back in Stock!

Keep your employees and our community safe with FREE COVID-19 Rapid Antigen Self Screening kits!

  • FREE for all businesses in Windsor-Essex with less than 150 employees!

  • Simplified program requirements – reporting of daily testing results no longer required.  Scroll down for more information and how to access the program.

Why do this?

A COVID-19 rapid screening test can be performed anywhere and takes approximately 15 minutes to see the results.  Frequent testing increases the chances of early identification of cases.

Data suggests the performance of a Rapid Antigen Test may not be as good at detecting Omicron compared to the previous variants but swabbing the inside of the cheek and the back of the tongue or throat, as well as the nose, increases the sensitivity of rapid tests in detecting Omicron.

Using Rapid Antigen Tests for Asymptomatic Screening

Individuals should be tested 3 or more times per week. Testing may be conducted at the workplace or at home prior to travel to the workplace. Currently, the requirements for disposing of rapid tests after use differs for residential and commercial locations.

Who can be tested?

  • Employees, regular contractors, regular volunteers, and regular visitors of local businesses and community organizations.
  • Owners of home-based businesses, including household members and others consistently in the space used for business.
  • Employees and students of private career colleges (post-secondary) are required to be on campus.
  • The staff of private schools (K-12 schools).

When can asymptomatic testing resume after recovering from COVID?

An individual with a confirmed COVID-19 on a Rapid Antigen Test (or PCR test) may resume asymptomatic screening 30 days after a COVID-19 infection.

Use of Rapid Antigen Tests by Symptomatic Individuals 

  • A positive Rapid Antigen Test is highly indicative that a symptomatic individual has COVID-19 and the individual and their household are required to self-isolate.
  • If two consecutive Rapid Antigen Tests, separated by 24-48 hours, are both negative, the symptomatic individual is less likely to be infected, and the individual is advised to self-isolate until symptoms are improving for at least 24 hours (or 48 hours if gastrointestinal symptoms).

How does the Program work?

    • Eligible businesses select a representative from their company to be the “Screening Supervisor” responsible for the program.
    • Sign up for this free program by completing the Program Agreement Form and Training Session by watching the video from Ontario Science Advisory Table with the current guidance for sample collection and the video from Standard Q BioSensor – the current manufacturer of kits being distributed.
    • The Screening Supervisor must bring the completed PASP when they pick up kits at the Amherstburg Community Services (ACS) building, 320 Richmond Street, Amherstburg ON. (519) 736-5471
    • Businesses with over 150 employees can order kits directly through the Ontario Together portal: Provincial Antigen Screening Program

Sign up for the Program

Step #1: Complete the PASP Agreement

Print and complete this Agreement before pick-up. Bring it with you when you pick up your kits. We cannot provide any kits without a completed PASP.
PASP Agreement

Step #2: Complete the Prescreen Check

You can do this from our parking lot if you’d like. We have a QR code for your convenience on our signs. Enter the building only after completing this step.
Pre-Screen Before Arrival

Step #3: Pick up your kits at the Amherstburg Community Services Building.

Bring your completed Program Agreement form when you pick up your kit at Amherstburg Community Services.

Amherstburg Community Services Community Hub Building

320 Richmond Street, Amherstburg ON

Phone: (519) 736-5471

Monday to Friday 9 a.m. – 3 p.m.